The world is in love with video

Video is more important than ever. Time do it better.

Apr 23, 2020

Interactive video not only transforms the way we watch video, but measures responses better.

The world is in love with video. We’re served video content every day. All industries rely on it. Businesses use it to speak to their customers and to engage internal teams. Video helps to promote, sell, recruit, and teach.

Since the advent of the smartphone, video has grown to be the most engaging medium to get a message out to a vast audience. But the way we watch video – and, importantly, the way we measure engagement – hasn’t evolved all that much. It’s time to do things better.

View rates, watch times and likes are useful, but they don’t tell the full story. Views let you know how often a video is seen, but to paraphrase the proverbial tree falling in a forest: if a video plays and no-one is paying attention, what’s the point? Watch times indicate how long a video is played, but if anyone was watching, what information did they absorb?

This is where interactive video steps in.

Interactions can be added to any conventional video to make it better. They’re designed to prompt viewers to act: to learn more, sign up, purchase, complete a quiz, answer a question or share their opinion. Moments of interaction turn passive viewers into active audiences. They’re more engaged, recall more information and feel more positive about the content they’re shown.

Interactive video requires people to be present. It tells us that someone is watching and how they feel about what they see, instantly. Do they like it? Are they inspired to read more? Will they sign up, answer that question, make that purchase, or apply for that role?

By enhancing the viewing experience, interactions make your video more memorable. Best of all, they allow your content to be measured in ways never seen before. Interactive video tells the whole story.

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