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Creating a great video is just half the battle – it’s also important to know how to promote it! There are more ways than ever to successfully promote video content – both paid and organic – but you need to go about it in the right way.

If you’re finding that your video content isn’t getting results, then you may not be promoting it correctly. While it’s important to create a video that’s compelling and engaging, it’s hard to find an engaged audience if they don’t know your video exists – which is why effective promotion can mean the difference between 10 video plays and 10,000.

To help you make your next video your most successful one yet, we’ve put together some tips to help get more eyes on your video content. If you’re able to get your video content in front of more people, then you’ll be able to market your business more effectively – and soon, you’ll have an engaged audience that hangs off your every word.